The 4 Best Upflush Toilet Systems – Plumber’s advice


Facing difficulty in adding a new bathroom in your basement? Well, we know installing a new bathroom without any existing pipe system is quite costly! At such hard times, Upflush toilet systems come in handy! 

They are helpful not just in reducing the overall installation cost but also in proffering minimal maintenance and high durability guarantee. Also, you can easily add this upflush toilet yourself anywhere you want. On top of that, you can even add the shower and sink to complete your fully-furnished bathroom.

Thus, purchasing a high-quality upflush toilet system is extremely crucial to get a low-budget bathroom ready in no time. In this article, we have covered some of the top-notch upflush toilet systems and why you should go for them.

So, let’s get started!

The Best Upflush Toilet System Reviewed

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Saniflo is a top upflush toilet brand, and this product will help you design a complete bathroom from 15 ft. beneath the sewer to about 150 ft. from the ground. Its SaniPLUS pump is quite easily installed and connected to the sink, SaniPLUS upflush toilet, and shower bath. 

This product can also throw out gray wastes from numerous sanitary appliances, including a urinal, hand basin, bath, and bidet, alongside regular toilet wastes.

It comprises of 4 connection points:

  1. The macerating pump is linked to the horizontal toilet spigot. 
  2. A water source is attached to its toilet tank. 
  3. The macerating pump is connected to the discharge pipeline. 
  4. This pump has an electrical connection from one point.

Optional Connection: The pipes are then attached from the shower, sink, or bathroom optionally. 

As soon as the flush is pressed, a microswitch gets started allowing the motor blades to commence their grinding operation. The blades spinning at 3600 rpm transform the organic waste to a slurry form that gets released via the centrifugal force.

At one time, the pump works at 10 PSI and pumps the waste stream horizontally up to 12 ft and/or 150 ft. With the option to mount either to the floor or wall, you can easily install it in no time.


  1. Quieter and can be both wall and floor mounted
  2. It comes in a pack of 3 items: Toilet tanks + toilet bowl + Macerating bathroom pump
  3. Guarantee of competent foam packaging for safe distribution
  4. Highly-durable stainless steel anti-clog blades that work at superfast speed
  5. Highly energy-efficient option
  6. SaniPLUS Manufacturer offers full two-year replacement and repairs guarantees


  1. You need to flush at least once a day
  2. It can’t be used in case of power drops
  3. Has a tendency to become obstructed more frequently

3-Piece Macerating Toilet Review

This 3-piece set is an updated edition of a 500 W upflush toilet that has four inlets of water and could be installed in the washer, toilet, and sink together with a highly-powerful pump.

Unlike other typical macerator pumps, this upflush toilet pump performs its task to flush the waste out with high capacity. Not just the regular waste, it also takes out the gray wastewater from a plethora of fixtures like bath, hand basin, urinal, etc.

Being an upgraded version, its new 500W macerator pump produces less noise while flushing out using non-blocking stainless steel blades. Moreover, its durable copper wire and electrical motor keep it going for a long time. 

This system is for the construction of a full-fledged bathroom. Therefore, it will not just go down 18-ft. underneath the sewer line but will have the capacity to go to 150 ft. from a floor stack.

So, it is considered the best if you are looking for the perfect wall-mounted elongated option in 3-pieces.


  1. The installation is super-easy because no pipes need to be mounted on the concrete.
  2. Stacked with a tank, bowl, and pump so that the various components don’t have to be obtained separately
  3. If users have concerns or want any assistance with installations, they can contact manufacturers directly
  4. 1-year Manufacturer’s Replacement guarantee is available
  5. 2-year Manufacturer’s Repair guarantee is offered
  6. 24-hours customer support available until the problem gets solved


  1. Some have complained of it being noisier than the traditional unit
  2. Clogs more often
  3. Cannot work during power cuts

Macerator Sewerage Upflush Toilet Kit Review

This toilet system comprises a 500W macerator drainage pump to address waste transfers to sewage while building a toilet in your basement. Its amazing system lets you install a toilet literally anywhere you want!

These wastewater pumps are durable and lifetime built of PP material and solid electric motor within the pump. Its blades are designed using high-quality stainless steel to keep working effortlessly for years.

It has a fully automated low-noise rinsing mechanism that does not need to be manually operated. Furthermore, if the blade doesn’t work, the reverse design will easily eliminate the waste.

Comprising of 4 water inlets, these toilets are truly capable of managing all the waste effectively from showers, sink, and other attached entries.


  1. Updated model 500W powerful electrical motor with indoor copper wire
  2. noise-canceling and anti-clog steel blade
  3. Highly energy-efficient with 4 additional connection points to work as a more capacity at least consumption model
  4. This device supplies effluents horizontally to 30-feet and 260-feet (with gravity fall).
  5. Manufacturer’s Guarantee of 1-year.


  1. Each time users flush the toilet; it makes a whirring sound
  2. Unreliable and breakdown regularly.
  3. In two or three years, you need to replace it.

Two-Piece Saniflo Toilet Review

SaniPLUS device is intended to suit up a full bathroom to a height of 15 ft. just below sewage or even a distance of around 150 ft. from the ground. It easily connects to 1- SaniPLUS Upflush Toilet kit, Sink, and Shower. 

SaniPLUS is easy to install using four quick connections:

  1. The macerating pump is mounted to the horizontal drain toilet spigot. 
  2. A water source is connected to the toilet tank. 
  3. The macerating pump is attached to the discharge pipe easily. 
  4. The macerator pump is linked to the power supply. 

Optional Step: The pipes are attached to the bath, sink, and shower, etc. 

The SaniPLUS interior has a pressure pit that begins and stops the operation and a powerful motor that pumps the stainless steel blades. The pump works at 10 PSI and pumps waste stream horizontally to 12 ft and 150 ft.

Flush triggers a microswitch in the pressure chamber that starts the motor’s operation. Further, the macerator blades are guided by the common spindle. Therefore, there are least moving parts.

Since the macerator blades spin at 3600 rpm, all the inorganic and organic waste materials are converted into a slurry. 

It can also unload gray wastes from a range of sanitary appliances, like hand basin, bidet, bath, and urinal, alongside the toilet.


  1. Flushes waste down the drainage line in a jiffy
  2. More energy-efficient efficient than a conventional toilet 
  3. Easier to mount on the floor than the typical toilet
  4. Anti-clog steel blades and a sturdy built makes it a long-lasting toilet option
  5. 2-year Manufacturer’s maintenance or replacement guarantee


  1. At least once a day, you have to flush
  2. A lot noisier than a standard toilet.
  3. It can’t be used when power drops

How well do Upflush toilets work?

The primary point of distinction between the conventional and upflush toilets is that while the former is based on gravitational flushing down the drain, the latter discharges out back into the pump and macerator. Also, the pumping tank crushes the waste and pumps it back to the current stack.

The entire process of its working:

  • When you flush from an upflush toilet, your discharge will run into the macerator. The macerator lies on the floor of the tank, only behind the toilet. When one flushes the toilet, the macerator uses a simple cutting blade that turns on instantly and transforms the waste into a slurry. That’s why in the late 1950s, during the discovery phase, these toilets were initially referred to as grinder toilets.
  • The pump that surrounds the macerator pushes the garbage. The waste subsequently flows through 3⁄4″ -1″ PVC pipes (note: really small what you’re doing—wonderfully!) to one’s main stacks, where it generally discharges.
  • The macerator tank is emptying. Except for water behind water seals, the tank now becomes fully empty and prepared for further use.
  • Thus, these upflush toilet systems operate almost in a similar way as the normal toilets. Like a typical toilet, they connect to your drain and flush garbage out. However, unlike the conventional bathroom, they could go anywhere! Better still, it’s not going to price you thousands of dollars to build.

Pros and Cons of Upflush Toilets

Upflush bathrooms have a lot of benefits. All-in-all, they’re lightweight, compact, pocket-friendly, and energy safe. We have elaborated on each one of them in a more specific way below.


High Flexibility

For household owners, macerating toilets provide a degree of versatility that regular models cannot equal. Since most toilet flushing mechanisms utilize gravity, they are not ideal for construction far below the sewer line, for instance, in the basement.

With a pumping structure in order, you’re expected to be ready to bring waste up much better.

Cost-effective in the long run

There are some ways one could save money. First, and perhaps most significant, is to eradicate the urge to dig and break stuff in the house. It’s things that could need professional support, which could get costly quickly based on the existing plumbing you’ve set up.

Second, they use water efficiently. Most upflush toilets use less than 1.30 gallons, saving money on the water utility bill. You will measure the variations between units that use 1.6 gallons and those which use less than 1.3 gallons. The bigger one’s household, the more money you’re going to save. The best news, you may save 70 percent of water per person.


As they expand on the lightweight design of toilets, they are highly portable. Thus, they enable you to travel around your home reasonably easily. 

However, it is dependent on your particular model. But on the brighter side, there are a plethora of models that can be relocated by just unscrewing their bolts.


These toilets are made to last long as regular toilets. With their simple operation and hassle-free maintenance, such toilets are renowned for staying for a longer duration.

They can also easily be joined to other items, hand basins, showers, etc., in a jiffy.



This might not be the best choice for users looking for anything with a silent flush. The fact is that a tank with a macerator would refine the wastes ready for pumping is noisier than conventional units.

Although these have the same steps in flushing, this additional grinding step could create an unpleasant noise for some.

Free of charge

In particular, up-front costs are more costly, particularly if users go with the most popular brands like Saniflo. For instance, a regular toilet fed with gravity seldom costs over $600, sometimes much cheaper.

However, those with pump macerating device will cost over $1000.

Cutting control

You will not use the pump while you are facing power issues. This rule applies to all the other hardware as well that are somehow related to the same drainage systems. A portable generator should solve that in a good way.

Final Verdict – 2021 Choices

We discussed some great upflush macerating toilet systems popular in the market right now that impart the best upflush toilets at a low cost.

Hopefully, the guide helped you determine in more detail if the macerator toilet is correct for your house. Please ensure you read the installation guidelines properly before following all the installation. Check Saniflo website for more info as well.

We are sure these toilets will prove out to be a great help to those who want an easy toilet-setup that goes for long.

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